Activation – Frequently asked questions

Is Cisco DNA Spaces a paid subscription?

Cisco DNA Spaces SEE comes as part of your Cisco DNA bundle and does not need to be purchased separately. If you’ve bought a DNA Advantage or DNA Premier bundle, Cisco DNA Spaces SEE is available to you at no additional cost.

I only recently purchased the Cisco DNA bundle and it is yet to be shipped. How can I activate Cisco DNA Spaces even before I install the APs?

You can certainly activate Cisco DNA Spaces as we have already pre provisioned an account for you. Moreover, to showcase the value of the platform, for a limited time only, we’re allowing customers to activate Cisco DNA Spaces across all their existing Access Points – even those outside of DNA bundle purchases. So, you’re not dependent on the new DNA bundle APs to get started. Please contact us at to kickstart the activation process across existing APs.

I’m not convinced Cisco DNA Spaces is right for my business at the moment. Do you have some specific use cases that I can evaluate?

Our goal is to give you more value for your existing Wi-Fi investments. No hardware upgrade, zero configuration change and no additional cost as it is bundled with your DNA wireless licenses.

Over 100 IT leaders have chosen to activate Cisco DNA Spaces SEE for reasons explained at See Wi-Fi adoption, Right Now, Location Analytics, Behavioral Insights into Employees, Customers, Guests, Things. Benchmark Performance and measure impact of events.

Also know that the platform comes with advanced packages beyond SEE such as ACT & EXTEND that are engineered to address a variety of use cases across industries. We’ll be happy to schedule a demo, walk you through the platform and highlight use cases appropriate to your industry. Please email us at with a convenient time to schedule our demo.

I’m interested in the value of Cisco DNA Spaces but I’m too busy. How long will the activation process take?

Cisco DNA Spaces can be activated in less than 30 minutes. Most of our customers have been able to successfully activate it using our easy self-service setup guide. It comes with deployment prerequisites and step by step instructions on configuring your account.

To ensure your activation goes smoothly, we’re also happy to assist you through a webex call round the clock. Just email to let us know when you can spare 30 minutes and we’ll have you up and running in no time.

I’m concerned the deployment of Cisco DNA Spaces may impact my existing network configuration. Can you assure me it won’t?

The Cisco DNA Spaces Connector is tested to operate on the internet links with less than 0.1% packet loss. Our engineering has followed industry best practices of planning, design, and interoperability with the network layer. We are currently live without scale issues at over 28,000 business locations with 158 billion location updates collected and processed. In fact the platform has a record of the world’s largest successful indoor LBS deployment to date.

With 100’s of customers onboarded without impacting their existing workflows or network configurations, we are confident of supporting you well. Our 24/7 Monitoring and support offers peace of mind.

Is it possible to activate Cisco DNA Spaces for only a few Access Points for now? If we’re happy with the results, we’ll consider activating across all our APs.

Yes, you may activate Cisco DNA Spaces for limited number of access points but the true value of Cisco DNA Spaces can only be realized when a customer activates it across their entire network. Capturing insights from people/things behavior and translating it into business value needs our system to recognize patterns from your network.

We understand if you want to start small, but as with any platform that uses data, you will see more accurate and relevant insights when you have a larger data set. To see the true value of Cisco DNA Spaces we encourage you to activate all your APs, or at least a category or group of properties that will make benchmarking possible.

Activating and configuring Cisco DNA Spaces requires access to network login details. I don’t have the necessary approvals. Can I get another team member to activate it?

Absolutely. If you have your Cisco DNA Spaces login credentials, you can log in to the dashboard and click the ‘Team’ section on the left hand side navigation. It will allow you to invite another team member to setup your account for your organization.

In case, you aren’t able to access Cisco DNA Spaces dashboard, please send an email to with the name and email address of the relevant person, and we’ll invite them on your behalf.

Where can I find more information about Cisco DNA Spaces?

Please visit our product website to learn more about Cisco DNA Spaces. If you have any specific questions, please feel free to contact us directly.