What happened in Vegas?

Insights from the venues at IMPACT FY’20 Las Vegas, Aug 27 – 29, 2019 captured by Cisco DNA Spaces.

Jump to 24.30 to see how Cisco DNA Spaces can create an IMPACT for your customers.

Insights from Impact

Cisco DNA Spaces was deployed across all the venues at the event. Here are some interesting insights that we saw

Arrival time: Day 0

Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner?

European attendees arrived at breakfast time, American delegates at lunch and our Asian colleagues during breakfast and dinner time.

Attendee Dwell time by Session: Higher the Better

Average time spent by attendees was highest at the conference center for ‘Mixed Small Breakouts’

Popular Hangouts: Where they networked

The HUB Hallways and The HUB
(Sales Enablement, CX, DevNet)

Cafe Lovers

Latin American delegates seemed to love the cafe

Attendees from Mexico & Brazil spent 2.5x more time at the cafe than US attendees

And attendees from Argentina spent 3.5x more time at the cafe than US attendees

Where were our superheroes?

Tracking attendees with firstnames:
 Tony, Bruce, Steve and Peter





Arrival Times

The Steves on an average arrived 4 hours before The Tonys

Hanging Out

The Tonys spent 3X more time than the Steves at the venue

Spot Out

Which zones were our heroes likely to be spotted

14:36 218 Large Breakouts
12:30 131 Mandalay Bay Event Center
10:58 59 The HUB Hallways
11:62 93 The HUB (Sales Enablement, CX, DevNet)

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