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Quickly and easily setup and experience Cisco DNA Spaces Indoor IoT Services

What’s Inside?​

Cisco 9100 Access Point​

Ethernet Cable × 2

POE Injector

Asset Tag

Smart Beacon

Personnel Badge

How can I get it?

The Demo Kit is available to select customers and Cisco sales teams. Please fill up the form and the team will contact you when it’s available for pre-order

Pre-order demo kit

Getting Started

Setting up your Demo Kit is really simple. It comes pre-configured and with an easy set of instructions to get started. Takes only a few minutes.

What can I do with it?


Monitor Temperature

Monitor the temperature of appliances like fridges using the smart beacon.


Press a Panic Button

Use the personnel badge to trigger an alert to the security team should an emergency situation arise..


Geo-fence an Asset

Create a geo fence using the asset tag to trigger an alert when the asset moves out of a geo fence area you create.