Behavior Metrics

Understand behavioral trends and benchmark performance​

The Behavior Metrics App enables you to get vertical specific insights into the behavior of people within a physical space. Eg, Time spent by a shopper at a store, Time spent by employees at the workplace, frequency of visits of students to the library​

Use Cases & Value

Behavior Metrics supports multiple use cases across various industries. Here are some of the most common ways in which this app is delivering value to our customers.​

Get vertical specific behavior insights​

Get insights into employee, student, customer or patient behavior – entry/exit times, time spent, visit frequency etc​

Value Delivered: Inputs to save cost, improve revenue, customer service, improve space utilization, facilities management, improve HR and student outcomes​

Useful to: HR, Faculty, Admin, Operations​

Benchmark performance of your business locations​

Compare and benchmark the performance of your locations historically, against other locations within your org or with the category, industry which you operate​

Value Delivered: Performance benchmarking​

Useful to: C-suite, Sales & Marketing​

Understand people distribution & density​​​

Understand trends in occupancy over different time periods and optimize space utilization based on the data​

Value Delivered: Save real estate costs, Improved utilization efficiency​

Useful to: Facilities, C-suite, HR​

Correlate behavior data with other data sources​

Run correlations with other data sources such as revenue, POS data, CRM, weather, academic performance (universities), HR outcomes (workspaces) HVAC to optimize processes. Integrate presence data with HVAC data to save energy costs​

Value Delivered: Save costs, Improved business processes​

Useful to: Facilities, Operations, Sales & Marketing​

Covid-19 Specific Use Cases & Value​

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