Camera Metrics

The Camera Metrics App enables you to get insights into the behavior of people within physical spaces using Meraki Video Cameras.

The Camera Metrics App enables you to get insights into the behavior of people within physical spaces using Meraki Video Cameras. E.g., number of entries into a space and the number of people in a space over a duration of time. This app allows you to slice behavior by location and time. Activation of the Camera Metrics App will also enable real time reporting from cameras via the ‘Right Now’ app.​​

Use Cases & Value

Camera Metrics supports multiple use cases across various industries. Here are some of the most common ways in which this app is delivering value to our customers. ​

Understand people distribution & density ​​

Understand trends in occupancy over different time periods and optimize space and employee utilization based on the data ​

Value Delivered: Save real estate or labor costs, Improved utilization efficiency ​

Useful to: Facilities, C-suite, HR, Operations​

Benchmark performance of your business locations

Compare and benchmark the performance of your locations historically or against other locations within your organization.​

Value Delivered: Performance benchmarking

Useful to: C-suite, Sales & Marketing

Get behavior insights ​

Get insights into employee, student, customer or patient behavior – entry by time and location and peak hours​

Value Delivered: Inputs to save cost, improve revenue, customer service, improve space utilization, facilities management, improve HR and student outcomes ​

Useful to: HR, Faculty, Admin, Operations

Please complete the following pre-requisite for access to this app​

P.S. : The above process needs to be done only once. It is not repeated for every app. Please ignore if already completed.​

  • MV Sense enabled camera (MV32, MV22/X, MV12WE, MV12W, MV12N, MV72/X​
  • Camera license​
  • MV Sense license​
  • Meraki setup video:​

  • Enable MV Sense license on Camera​
    • Meraki Dashboard > Cameras > Monitor > Cameras > Select Camera > Settings > Sense > Sense API Enabled​
  • Follow setup instructions linked here and refer to the video below​
  • Setup videos (Note: Correct camera positioning is necessary to ensure proper metrics. Camera should be positioned close to the entry/exit point with a clear view of the full entry and exit point)​

Best Practices:​

  • Use API key to connect instead of Meraki Credentials​
  • Manually configure MQTT broker unless you have added a DNA Spaces service account as a Meraki Admin.​
  • Select 1080p for camera resolution in Meraki Dashboard​
  • For tripwire derived metrics, metrics will be report at site level only.​
  • For each site, cameras must be placed at all entrance/exits to the site with tripwire drawn.​
  • Cameras should be positioned on the ceiling, 10-20 feet from the entrance/exit in the middle of the doorway path​
  • For each camera, a tripwire must be drawn across each entrance/exit. (Only one trip wire may be drawn per camera, but a single trip wire can be positioned across adjacent entrance/exit points)​
  • Position each tripwire approximately 2 feet off the floor at the point of entrance/exit​
  • Tripwire should run the entire width of the door.​
  • Do not draw any tripwires for internal locations, rooms or doors.​
  • Note: Zones can be drawn in the Meraki dashboard for any camera and in any location and will be reported in Spaces​

Promotional Pricing:

At least 1 AP with SEE to use Camera Metrics and Right Now MV Application
At least 1 AP with ACT to use WEBHooks* and Density Triggers*

*coming soon

Please take a moment to check if you’re able to successfully setup and use the app. Click on ‘yes’ to indicate it’s working for you. And on ‘Not yet’ if you want any assistance .​​