Setup apps & Explore use cases

Learn how to setup and start using all the apps on your dashboard.

Detect & Locate

Track and locate any device connected to your network

Impact Analysis

Measure the impact of at-location events and campaigns on people’s behavior​

Behavior Metrics

Understand behavioral trends and benchmark performance

Location Analytics

Slice and dice data to get a granular view of location behaviors

Right Now

Get a real time count of the number of people within your locations


Deliver contextual multi channel engagements

Location Personas

Profile and segment visitors based on their at-location behavior

Captive Portals

Acquire and identify visitors with their enterprise identity

Proximity Reporting​

View device history & other devices that were in the same area​

Camera Metrics

Get behavioral insights using Meraki video cameras


Simplify guest Wi-Fi access through seamless onboarding.

App Center

Easily integrate business applications in verticals.

STANLEY Healthcare​

Enable healthcare providers to quickly and affordably deploy a wide range of RTLS apps

Indoor IoT Services

Deliver end-device outcomes across your enterprise at scale.

Spaces SDK​​

Auto-onboard mobile app users and engage with them contextually​

Asset Management

Environmental Monitoring

Wayfinding App by Pointr

Occupancy Monitoring