Stories from Spaces

Every building has a story to tell.
Here are stories from our customers. On how they are re-imagining their physical spaces. Making them safer, smarter and creating seamless experiences for visitors, employees and guests with DNA Spaces

“The Wi-Fi platform of the Future” 

Client Manager, IT Customer Experience

Transportation Industry

“DNA Spaces – analytics and automation for the real world.”

Network Architect

Hospitality Industry

“Great solution that just delivers what it promises”  

ICT Specialist

Manufacturing Industry

Gartner Customers’ Choice award winner 2020 & 2021

Highest ranked indoor location and IoT services platform in the industry. Two years in a row.

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Real Time Occupancy

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Trust Radius Score: 8.8/10


My office is using Cisco DNA Spaces to apply the captive portals and to be able to identify what type of clients visit us and how often through the information they provide in the registry, in addition the captive portals serve us to send internal information as well as the measurements hygiene or COVID protocols to follow within our organization.” 

Liz Duarte, Enterprise Account Manager

ConNext by Migesa

Cisco DNA Spaces gives us the particularity of being able to observe the behavior of users within our corporate network, with which we can have a better understanding of what are the coverage requirements that are needed to cover the demand according to the areas that most are visited. Thus, it also gives us the necessary tools to be able to have a more real approach with the user through captive portals.” 

Oscar Sanchez, IT Engineer

Best Day Travel Group

Why our Customers choose Spaces?

Ensuring a safe return to campus for students and staff

The network team at SJSU  deployed Density Rules and Engagements  through DNA Spaces to proactively notify campus visitors if any occupancy  thresholds were being crossed, reducing  the likelihood of safety incidents. — Shai Silberman, Director of Network Services

Indoor Navigation

Real Time Alerts

Keeping critical care equipment within reach

We deployed trackable tags on all critical medical equipment. These tags were connected to the Wi-Fi network using Spaces’ native and partner apps. The tracking software allowed hospital teams to reduce operational costs and deliver improved patient care. — Luke Stockdale, Director of digital transformation

Asset Management

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Environmental Monitoring

Providing Insights into Fan behavior and Seamless Experiences

With DNA Spaces, clubs from the NPFL grew their Wi-Fi usage by 13% and saw a 22% opt-in rate for personalized engagements. Visitors reported higher satisfaction with their  Wi-Fi connectivity. — Thomas Torjusen, Head of media & CDO

Proximity Alerts

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WiFi Onboarding

Helping hospitals help patients

Asset Tracking

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Indoor Navigation

By moving into DNA spaces and connector, it takes less time and less engineering hours. It's like making a sculpture, you have that raw material, but you have you need those developers and software engineers in order to get the right API's. —  Ali Yassine, technical lead manager

Location Analytics





Secure & Seamless Connectivity for over 20K businesses

Canary Wharf Group is committed to creating an estate-wide environment in which businesses can thrive. The rollout of Wi-Fi 6 and OpenRoaming is a vital part of our continuously evolving user experience for residents and visitors. — Shobi Khan, Chief Executive

Open Roaming 

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Space Utilization


Tremendous Value That Transcends Technology

Our students split into groups of 6 when they enter a classroom, but we noticed 30–40 learners would gather and hang out in the same spot. We wouldn't have discovered this behavior using staff to monitor hallways. — Henri Boer, Director of IT

Real time Occpancy

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Indoor Navigation

Social Distancing


Real Time Insights for a Safe Return to Work

Density Monitoring

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Informed Cleaning

We’re using digital signage in lobbies to display current floor occupancy against maximum capacity. The signage is green when the floor is occupied at a safe capacity and will turn red if the capacity limit is met.. —  Jon Heaton, IT Manager


Real Time Occupancy

A better, Safer Patient Experience

Cisco DNA Spaces has delivered exactly what it promised: compliance with physical distancing rules that help keep patients and healthcare professionals safe.. — Corne Mulders, CIO

Patient Experience

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Real Time Occupancy


PS: We can't wait to hear the amazing stories that your buildings have to tell!

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