The World is starting to see with
Cisco DNA Spaces

Journey so far


Business Locations Digitized

2.2 Billion

Square Foot coverage

559 Billion

Location Updates Tracked

284 Million

Visitors Tracked

Our Mission

Cisco DNA Spaces is the world’s most powerful location cloud platform, build with the vision of reinventing location services for the enterprise. Over 500 billion sq. Feet of enterprise spaces remain in the dark today with
neither IT or business having any understanding into the behavior of customers, guests, employees, connected sensors within their business location. This data remains untapped and largely ignored. Cisco DNA Spaces harnesses this data, empowering you to take actionable business decisions and drive real-time outcomes at
scale across your business locations

Designed for the new age IT Leader

Bundled at no extra cost and with zero impact to your infrastructure, it is designed for the new age IT leader who owns the role of digitizing their enterprise and wants to build a common middleware standard for deploying, managing and scaling location services across thousands of their business locations.

Get more from your Wi-Fi with Cisco DNA Spaces


Cisco DNA Spaces See gives you incremental value from existing Wi-Fi investments. It makes your wireless infrastructure do more than just connectivity by adding digitization capability, without having to upgrade hardware or changing any of the existing network configurations.



Your digitization journey.

Convert your wireless AP’s into sensors that can glean location updates from people & things. Collect billions of raw location updates from your business locations into a single cloud fabric with Machine Learning framework that filters into gold standard data


your network view into business view

with brands and regions thereby making it simple and easy to consume reports.




platform reliability with 24/7 monitoring

for the middleware within the dashboard with customer support.


business Insights from your locations

See Wi-Fi adoption, Right Now, Location Analytics, Behavioral Insights into Employees, Customers, Guests, Things. Benchmark Performance and measure impact of events.




and use your data beyond the dashboard.

Data export : Raw, Processed & Metric level.Enterprise connectors into CRM’s Speciality partners for your industry

What can you See?


See your employees

See when your employees enter and exit and how long they stay and optimize your workspaces and manpower efficiency.


See your customers

See the behavior of customers at your locations. Understand how much time customers spend at your locations during each successive visit to improve customer experience.


See impact of events

See how events, campaigns and promotions affect visitor behavior across your locations. You can track the impact of holidays, weather anomalies, layout changes or events that you create.


See your Wi-Fi Adoption

See how efficiently your visitors are able to connect and engage with your Wi-Fi program.


See Right Now

Number of visitors who are currently at your location

Time spent by visitors who are currently at your location

Benchmark all that you see against



relative to your peers within the industry



within different properties of your organization



Over a period of time in your organization

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