Cisco DNA Spaces​

Indoor IoT Services for Wi-Fi 6 APs​

An industry first Indoor IoT-as-a-Service offering on WiFi-6 APs to help customers deploy Indoor IoT applications – rapidly, at scale and at a significantly lower TCO

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Cisco DNA Spaces – Digitizing people… and now things​

Introducing Indoor IoT Services

From ordering IoT devices to enabling them to driving business outcomes – manage the entire lifecycle as-a-service

IoT Device Marketplace​

Choose from a wide selection of ready to deploy beacons, tags, environmental sensors, etc

Wi-Fi 6 APs with dynamic​ gateways

Flexible and future proofed with the ability to add new device vendors

Cloud-based device management

Simplify activation, configuration, and management of IoT devices from different vendors

Cisco DNA Spaces App Center​

Access to Industry specific apps using the Firehose API to enable multiple use cases across industries

End to end monitoring

Get end-to-end monitoring for all IoT Devices and Apps​ & visibility into the entire service life cycle

The Cisco DNA Spaces Indoor IoT Services Advantage​

Get access to the widest array of end devices

Our multi-vendor IoT device marketplace has a diverse set of devices with different form factors at various price points to help you drive the outcomes of your choice.

Asset tags

Environmental sensors


and many more end devices

Delivering outcomes as a service through the Cisco DNA Spaces App Center and your enterprise apps

Create enterprise applications with sensor and Wi-Fi data using the Cisco DNA Spaces Firehose API​

Rapidly activate applications from the Cisco DNA Spaces App Center, featuring application partners focused on business outcomes. ​

Enabling you to realize outcomes across all industries

Asset Tracking

Locate valuable assets quickly in real time

Room Finding

Find, navigate to and schedule available conference rooms in real time

Employee Safety

Keep employees safe with real time notifications and location updates

Environmental Monitoring

Monitor environmental sensitive assets in real time

WIP Tracking

Manage and track workflows for optimal efficiency and monitoring

Space Utilization

Allocate workspace based on usage and right-size your real estate portfolio

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