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As you return to work from COVID-19, deploy an occupancy monitoring tool to know how many people are there in your buildings. Monitor traffic with safety and compliance alerts. No mobile app or hardware needed to get started.

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Your Wi-Fi is here to help

Your wireless network is the most ubiquitous piece of technology in every floor of your business location. What if we can use it to keep people safe?

Monitor people count & behavior in real-time

Set density & occupancy thresholds to drive safety & compliance

Contextually notify all stakeholders via real time alerts

Proactively monitor & manage the number of people at your locations by setting up density and occupancy thresholds. Get notified in real-time via text, email, chat or digital signages when a safe threshold is crossed.

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Enable density & occupancy monitoring on your wireless today!

All you need is a Cisco wireless network. And you can get started in 30 minutes.

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Why Cisco DNA Spaces?

Your business location deserves to be as smart as your website or apps. 

Cisco DNA Spaces

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Contact Tracing

Contact tracing using your existing Wi-Fi

Monitor occupancy across all business locations. On a single web dashboard.

Trend in Visitors from the beginning of the day across all locations. Computed from associated devices only.

Presence Trend

All Locations

Trend in Visitors from the beginning of the day across all locations. Computed from associated devices only.

Occupancy Trend

All Locations

6,632 Visitors

First time and Repeat Visitors

Realtime visitor demographics

All Locations

6,632 Visitors

Visitors seen during the last 10 minutes: Key locations

Visitors Across Locations

Key Locations


Right Now App for density & occupancy monitoring. Available with Cisco DNA Spaces 

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Density Monitoring for multiple teams

IT, HR, Facilities — any team member can get started in 30 minutes. Empower teams in your organization to safeguard the health and safety of your people, instill peace of mind while effectively managing risk and liability. 

IT Teams

Turn on DNA Spaces on your existing wireless network and immediately rollout a density monitoring tool that triggers real time alerts via multiple channels. Integrate with Cisco Meraki Cameras to achieve an even higher degree of accuracy in people count.

Human Resources

Alert your employees and staff when occupancy reaches unsafe levels. Keep your visitors and customers notified and enable them to make data driven decisions.  

Operations / Facilities

Re-open your workspaces and buildings in compliance with federal state and local guidelines without jeopardizing employee health or safety. Optimize operations by understanding how your space is used. Make data driven decisions about your capital costs. 

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Cisco DNA Spaces is a powerful business outcomes cloud platform that helps IT and business teams get more from their existing wireless network.

The business outcomes cloud for your Wi-Fi

Our cloud platform garners the location and identity of people and devices in buildings using Wi-Fi and provides businesses with apps that will drive outcomes such as contact tracing, real time density monitoring, contactless customer experiences, seamless onboarding, IoT services and many others.

Cisco DNA Spaces has helped over 350+ customers return to work safely since the onset of Covid-19

“The Wi-Fi platform of the Future” 

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Transportation Industry

“DNA Spaces – analytics and automation for the real world.”

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Hospitality Industry

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