Captive Portals

Acquire and identify visitors with their enterprise identity

Captive Portal is an application that allows you to maximize the value of the wifi onboarding process for your guests and visitors. The application allows you to flexibly define the user experiences based on context of the location and of the user so that their connection process is meaningful and smooth.​

Use Cases & Value

Captive Portal supports multiple use cases across industries where guests or visitors are connecting to wifi – retail, hospitality, stadiums & venues, higher education, and carpeted workspaces all have this deployed today to achieve additional value from their wifi.​

Gain customer provided identifying details​

Prompt the user for fields such as name, email, phone number, zip code, or social network information which can then be used to complement existing enterprise system data​

Value Delivered: Customer acquisition​

Useful to: Marketing, Digital Operations, CRM Team​

Extend digital branding and messaging to an on-site customer​

Leverage the screen of guest’s mobile devices as an opportunity to show branding, promotions & offers, and messaging relevant for the location and the persona​

Value Delivered: Engagement opportunity for all on-location customers, visitors, fans ​

Useful to: IT, Marketing, Digital Operations

Drive loyalty program enrollments​​

Use wifi as an additional channel to gain loyalty enrollments from shoppers already interacting with the brand physically.​

Value Delivered:Increase loyalty program signups​

Useful to: Marketing, Loyalty Program Managers​

Promote Enterprise Services​​

Drive crucial business outcomes such as app downloads, credit card signups, feedback/surveys, or partnership/sponsor promotions​

Value Delivered: Key business objectives met​

Useful to: App team, sponsorship/partner teams,​ Customer Experience, Digital Operations​

Covid-19 Specific Use Cases & Value​

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Step 1: Complete DNA Spaces Onboarding Process​

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Setting up an Instant Captive Portal

Step 1 — Setting up a Captive Portal

Step 2 — Configuring Captive Portal Rules

Step 3 — Configuring your Network (based on network type) to use Captive Portals.

Please take a moment to check if you’re able to successfully setup the app. Click on ‘yes’ to indicate it’s working. And on ‘Not yet’ if you need any assistance.​