Detect & Locate​

Track and locate any device connected to your network.​​

Detect and Locate is an application that allows users to determine the location of devices as detected by their Access Points. The most common type of devices are Wi-Fi clients, but the application can also detect the location of ‘Wi-Fi RFID tags’, ‘rogue APs’ and ‘rogue clients’.

Use Cases & Value

Detect & Locate supports multiple use cases across various industries. Here are some of the most common ways in which this app is delivering value to our customers.​

View & search devices in real time​

Determine the location of your connected Wi-Fi devices faster by visualizing them in real time

Value Delivered: Improved Productivity by reducing troubleshooting time.​

Useful to: IT teams, Admin staff, Store associates.​

Detect rogue APs & clients​

Determine location of rogue APs & clients as classified by wireless LAN controllers.

Value Delivered: Enhanced security by reducing time to determine the location of rogue devices​

Useful to: IT & Security teams, Admin teams, Facilities ​

See the realtime heatmap of client density ​

Visualize in real time the areas that are busy to allow you to proactively take measures to resolve potential bottlenecks​

Value Delivered: Improved Operational efficiency, improves spatial understanding​

Useful to: Admin staff, Facilities & Store managers​

View device history to aid in incident investigation ​

See the history of client’s location and have access to an API or a CSV export to programmatically pull data from the system.​

Value Delivered: Enhanced security ​

Useful to: IT teams​

Setting up ‘Detect & Locate’ is a 2-step process:​

P.S. : The above process needs to be done only once. It is not repeated for every app. Please ignore if already completed.​

Detect and Locate requires that you place your access points on maps via Cisco Prime and then export this map to Cisco DNA Spaces. Exports from Prime 3.2 / DNA Center 1.3.3 or later is supported. ​

Please take a moment to check if you’re able to successfully setup the app. Click on ‘yes’ to indicate it’s working. And on ‘Not yet’ if you need any assistance.