Impact Analysis​

Measure the impact of at-location events and campaigns on people’s behavior​

An interactive DIY tool to measure the impact of events or interventions of the behavior of people within physical spaces. Measuring the impact of interventions (new collection, promotions in retail stores, new office layout , cafeteria menu in workspaces, and new library collection, campus rules in universities) or of unplanned events (weather, holidays, epidemic, Super Bowl etc) on behavior of people within spaces. ​

Use Cases & Value

Impact Analysis supports multiple use cases across various industries. Here are some of the most common ways in which this app is delivering value to our customers.​

Measure impact of events at workspaces​

Understand impact of holidays, seasons & events (Post appraisal, new leadership, Christmas, sales kick-offs) by measuring employee behavior during or after the event​

Value Delivered: Contingency planning, Measuring HR impact/outcomes, help improve workplace efficiency​

Useful to: HR, Admin, Sales​

Measure impact of events at educational campuses​

Understand impact of events, seminars, new faculty, etc. by measuring student behavior before and after​

Value Delivered: Improved student experience and academic outcomes​

Useful to: Faculty, Admin​

Measure impact of campaigns & promotions​

Evaluate success of campaigns, events & promotions by measuring impact on customer behavior​

Value Delivered:Optimized marketing spend​

Useful to: Sales & Marketing, Property or store Managers​

A/B test options​ ​

A/B test different options to study impact and cost efficiency​

Value Delivered: Optimize budgets​

Useful to: Admin, Operations, Sales & Marketing​

Covid-19 Specific Use Cases & Value​

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