Indoor IoT Services

IOT Services is a platform service that enables users to claim, manage, and monitor IOT Devices acquired through the IOT Device Marketplace for use in DNA Spaces applications and Partner Applications that utilize IOT Devices to achieve location and telemetry-based business outcomes.

How to quickly set up IOT Services by activating IOT Streams via the DNA Spaces Connector, installing DNA Spaces Advanced Gateways on your Wi-Fi 6 Access Points, as well as how to claim and manage your IOT Devices acquired via the IOT Device Marketplace​

DNA Spaces Gateway Deployment ​

Quickly enable and configure the BLE Radio using either the DNA Spaces Base or Advanced (Wi-Fi 6 AP only) Gateway in your Cisco Access Point to begin broadcasting BLE or scanning for BLE devices ​​

Value Delivered: Quickly deploy IOT Infrastructure without installing additional physical gateways​

Useful to: IT Managers, Facilities Managers, Operations Managers​

IOT Device Management​​

Apply policy-based configuration profiles to devices in bulk, based on the specific context in which you are utilizing them​

Value Delivered: Simplified IOT Device Management across device vendors and form factors​​

Useful to: IT Managers, Facilities Managers, Operations Managers​

IOT Device Activation​​

Claim your IOT Devices to enable cloud-based management and configuration​​

Value Delivered: Streamlined activation of IOT Devices without the need for proprietary activators​

Useful to: IT Managers, Facilities Managers, Operations Managers​

IOT Device Monitoring​​

Monitor your IOT Device portfolio to proactively identify and address device issues, such as battery life, missing devices, and out-of-date firmware that may impact business outcomes​​

Value Delivered: Monitor enterprise portfolio of IOT Devices to reduce maintenance checks​

Useful to: IT Managers, Facilities Managers, Operations Managers​

P.S. : The above process needs to be done only once. It is not repeated for every app. Please ignore if already completed.​​

  • Navigate to your DNA Spaces Connector under Setup > Wireless Networks​
  • Click the three dots and select ‘Manage IoT Streams’ ​​
  • Click the ‘Configure to Enable’ button next to Manage Connector​
    a) You should see ‘Success’ next to Manage Connector​​
  • In the table below, click the three dots icon to select the ‘Enable Stream’ for the WLC(s)​
    a) You should see ‘Successfully set config’ in the Operation Log status​​
  • Navigate to IOT Services, your Access Points should now be visible under AP Gateways​
  • If you do not see the output as expected, please contact DNA Spaces Support for help with your configuration​

Deploy BLE Gateways to enable AP managed BLE Scanning or Transmitting ​

  • Navigate to IOT Services > AP Gateways​​
  • Select ‘Add New Gateways’ above the list of APs​
  • ​Select Gateway type (currently only BLE is available) and Access Points on which to deploy the Gateway​
    a) If you have a WiFi 6 AP, the advanced gateway will automatically be deployed​
    b) If you have a Wave 2 AP, the base gateway will automatically be deployed​
  • Once the gateway is deployed, you can configure Scan / Transmit Mode on the AP. Navigate to IoT Service > Device Management > Devices > AP Beacons > Clicking on the AP Mac > Settings​

  • Navigate to IOT Services > Device Management​
  • Select ‘Onboard Devices’ from the main page​
  • Select ‘Floor Beacons’​​
  • Enter your Order ID​
  • Your BLE Devices will now be visible under Device Management > Claimed Beacons​

  • Configure claimed beacons by navigating to IoT Services > Device Management > Devices
  • Click the Configure Beacons link which will open the beacon configuration portal​
  • Identify your beacon via its Unique ID in your Device Inventory as well as printed on the physical device ​
  • Make any configurations changes as needed, and when ready to apply the changes, click the SAVE CHANGES button. ​
    a) Test this out by enabling telemetry on a beacon via the beacon configuration page, you can verify this operation was a success by clicking on an individual beacon in the Device Inventory and selecting ‘telemetry’​
  • Verify in Device Inventory that the changes have been applied by selecting the beacon and viewing its request history and viewing its updated settings, such as UUID, Major, Minor, Transmission Power, Transmission Frequency, as well as telemetry and location data​

  • View device monitoring by navigating to IoT Services > Device Monitoring
  • Review top level status of AP Gateways and BLE devices in the Right Now section​
  • Review battery life of devices by clicking through ‘Critical’, ‘Low,’ ‘Medium,’ and ‘High’ categories​
  • Review last heard devices by click through ‘> 24 hrs ago,’ ‘>1 hr’, ‘>5 min’, and ‘<= 5mim’​

Please take a moment to check if you’re able to successfully use the Demo Kit. Click on ‘yes’ to indicate it’s working. And on ‘Not yet’ if you need any assistance.​