Location Analytics

Slice and dice data to get a granular view of location behavior

The Location Analytics app enables you to create various reports related to the no. of ‘visitors and visits’ to your locations. You can create custom widgets by filtering data based on location, date range or SSIDs. ​

Use Cases & Value

Some of the most common ways this app is delivering value to our customers include:​

Create custom reports for specific business needs​

Dive deeper into the data to get a granular understanding of people’s behavior. Get insights for specific locations or time periods.​

Value Delivered: Improved decision making​

Useful to: Operations, HR, Marketing teams

Compare people’s behavior across locations​

Measure behavior of employees, customers, guests or students across different offices, campuses & floors​ ​

Value Delivered: Improved decision making​

Useful to: IT teams, Operations, HR​

View visitor count and visit patterns ​​

Measure customer loyalty, student or employee engagement by understanding patterns of behavior – new vs repeat visitors. Target these segments with specific actions.​

Value Delivered: Improved retention & loyalty​

Useful to: HR and Admin teams, Sales & Marketing.​

Understand average dwell time​

Measure the impact of dwell time by correlating it with your sales and revenue, employee attrition or student performance data. Make informed decisions based on this data.​

Value Delivered: Increased sales, Improved student or employee productivity​

Useful to: HR, Campus Faculty, Sales & Marketing​

Covid-19 Specific Use Cases & Value​

Please complete the following pre-requisite for access to Location Analytics​

Step 1: Complete DNA Spaces Onboarding Process​

P.S. : The above process needs to be done only once. It is not repeated for every app. Please ignore if already completed.​

Please take a moment to check if you’re able to successfully setup the app. Click on ‘yes’ to indicate it’s working. And on ‘Not yet’ if you need any assistance.