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In this day and age, it’s not enough if your website & mobile apps are smart. If you are a global enterprise and use business locations for customers, employees, guests or students, you deserve the tools that can make your buildings as smart as your digital assets.

Your Wi-Fi is here to help

Your Wi-Fi is the most ubiquitous piece of technology in every floor of your building. What if we can use your existing Wi-Fi to drive business outcomes? Sounds crazy? Not anymore..


The Business Outcomes cloud for your Wi-Fi

Go beyond internet connectivity. Start using your Wi-Fi to drive business outcomes. Drive infinite outcomes with our suite of apps on a single cloud interface

Detect & Locate App

Detect and track devices connected to your network

Right now App

Set people density & occupancy
thresholds to drive safety & compliance at locations

Learn more about Density Monitoring

Proximity Reporting App

Do contact tracing on your Wi-Fi

Learn more about Contact Tracing

Camera Metrics App

Get insights into the behavior of people within buildings using Meraki Video Cameras

Impact Analysis App

Measure the impact of at-location events, layout changes and campaigns on people’s behavior​​

Location Analytics App

Slice and dice data to get a granular view of people behavior across locations.​

One cloud dashboard to deploy, manage and scale infinite outcomes on your Wi-Fi

Join 1200+ customers that use native and partner apps from our cloud dashboard across 150 countries & 146,000 locations to drive outcomes on their wireless network.

Behavior Monitoring Apps

  • Detect & Locate
  • Right Now

Analytics & Insights Apps

  • Location Analytics
  • Behavior Metrics
  • Impact Analysis
  • Right Now
  • Camera Metrics

Safety & Compliance Apps

  • Density Rules
  • Proximity Reporting
  • Instant Captive Portals

Operational Efficiency Apps

  • Asset Locator

Wi-Fi Onboarding Apps

  • Captive Portals
  • Instant Captive Portals
  • OpenRoaming

Contactless Experience Apps

  • Location Personas
  • Engagements

App Center

Get access to the fastest growing location services App center with specialized ISVs offering fully integrated industry specific apps. Extend location data from dashboard into your enterprise apps & CRMs through firehose APIs.

30+ partner apps across verticals

Airista Flow
Aisle Labs
Service Now
IBM Tririga
Local Measure

Device Marketplace

Discover and purchase devices from a multi-vendor IoT Device Marketplace. Choose from a variety of form factors at different price points to help you drive the outcomes of your choice

BLE Beacons
Wi-FI Tags
Card tags
Lanyard tags

Why customers choose Cisco DNA Spaces?

Covid-19 tools to return to work safely

Essential indoor location services tools designed to help you reopen your business as quickly as possible, while keeping your employees, customers, and visitors safe and informed during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

Right Now App Proximity Reporting App

Contactless People Experiences

Indoor location services tools that help you reimagine in-person interactions in a changing business climate. From the time customers enter your location until they leave – deliver a contactless yet personalized experience at every touch point.

Location Personas App Engagements App

Indoor IoT Services Made Easy

Launch and scale enterprise IoT solutions at a significantly lower TCO. From ordering IoT devices to enabling them to driving business​ outcomes – manage the entire lifecycle as-a-service​.

IoT Device Marketplace App Center

Boost Wi-Fi Adoption

A variety of next gen onboarding solutions to help you boost Wi-Fi adoption and deliver a Wi-Fi experience that increases customer satisfaction. Also, grow your business and revenue by monetizing your wireless network.

OpenRoaming App Captive portals App

Industry specific Outcomes

With a fast growing partner ecosystem that is making vertical specific apps available on our App Center and hardware devices on our Device marketplace, you will find a vertical specific app ready irrespective of your industry.


  • Infant Monitoring
  • Hand Sanitization Compliance
  • Nurse calling


  • Seamless Wi-Fi Onboarding
  • Space Utilization Analytics
  • Proximity Notifications


  • Campus Safety
  • Attendance tracking
  • Environmental Monitoring


  • Asset Tracking
  • Machine Condition Monitoring
  • Employee Safety


  • Indoor Wayfinding
  • Guest NPS
  • Contextual Engagements


  • Customer Acquisition
  • Shopper Analytics
  • Proximity Marketing


  • IT Asset Management
  • Meeting Room Finder


  • Contactless check-in
  • Loyalty integration & experiences
  • In-room casting

Don’t just take our word for it

Gartner Customer Choice award winner 2020 : Highest ranked indoor location and IoT services platform in the industry.

DNA Spaces is easy to install and brings good value for money

IT Manager

Healthcare Industry

Great solution that just delivers what it promises

IT Specialist

Manufacturing Industry

DNA Spaces – analytics and automation for the real world.

Network Architect

Hospitality Industry

DNA Spaces leverage more out of your wireless network infrastructure

Director Of Network Services

Education Industry

Amazing tool to improve the operational efficiency and reduce costs

Facility Manager

Internationally acclaimed venue in North America

Leading technology backed by proud employees

Wireless Leader

A large workspace campus

The Wi-Fi platform of the Future

Customer Experience Manager

Airport Industry (one of the largest airports in North America)

DNA Spaces is a must have for 5-10 feet asset tracking

IT Architect

Healthcare facility

An excellent tool

Network Administrator

Government Industry

Intuitive, easy to use, web based tool with integrated dashboards

Sr. Business Partner

Real Estate in the Communications Industry

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Contact tracing

Contact tracing using your existing Wi-Fi

Density Monitoring

Monitor people density & occupancy in your buildings with real-time alerts

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