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What is Cisco DNA Spaces?

Enterprises operating in the physical world have limited to no visibility into the behavior of people and connected assets within their buildings. Cisco DNA Spaces solves this physical blindspot problem by sensing network intelligence from all underlying Cisco hardware and translating them into business ready insights. It also offers a variety of toolkits, add-ons, apps and APIs with end-end monitoring and support to turn these insights into action.

Who is eligible for a Free Trial?

Any existing Cisco or Cisco Meraki wireless customer is eligible for the free trial of Cisco DNA Spaces

How do I sign up for the Free Cisco DNA Spaces Trial?

You can sign up for the free trial on the ‘Cisco DNA Spaces homepage’. Click ‘Request Early Access’ and follow the steps to get started.

What Cisco hardware does Cisco DNA Spaces support?

Cisco DNA Spaces supports all Cisco wireless infrastructure : Meraki & Aironet, forward and backward compatible. Based on your type of infrastructure, we have a way to connect you to Cisco DNA Spaces cloud and light up. On signing up, a setup guide will be provided to you to get started with Cisco DNA Spaces.

What do I get when I sign up for the free trial of Cisco DNA Spaces?

When you sign up for the free trial of Cisco DNA Spaces, you get access to some exciting features that will enable you to see what’s happening at your properties, unlock business insights and trends into visitor, employee and asset behavior.

Do I need to provide any payment information when I sign up for the Free Cisco DNA Spaces trial?

No. Getting started with Cisco DNA Spaces is absolutely free. We offer a no obligations free trial to help you fully explore the benefits of this platform.

Where can I review the pricing and features of Cisco DNA Spaces?

If you wish to know about the full feature set of Cisco DNA Spaces or its pricing plans, please send an email to

How is Cisco DNA Spaces different from Cisco DNA-C?

Cisco DNA-C provides network management and intelligence while Cisco DNA Spaces is a location based services platform that provides business intelligence.

What are the prerequisites for deploying Cisco DNA Spaces?

To deploy Cisco DNA Spaces, you must first define the required hierarchy structure in your wireless network such as Meraki or Aironet. To establish connection between Cisco DNA Spaces and your wireless network, the Cisco DNA Spaces asks you to provide the login credentials to connect to that wireless network.

For some Aironet networks that are not cloud-based, you may have to open the required ports to establish connection between your wireless network and the Cisco DNA Spaces. You can establish this connection through a public IP or VPN. In addition, you may have to whitelist certain Cisco DNA Spaces IP addresses.

Can Cisco DNA Spaces be deployed on-premise? Is on-prem going away and is everything being moved to the cloud?

Current On-Prem customers can continue to use On-Prem. We will continue to make investments in On-Prem. In addition, Cisco DNA Spaces includes a cloud tethering option so customers will have an option to connect to the Cisco DNA Spaces cloud. Customers do not have to purchase On Prem separately as it comes bundled with Cisco DNA Spaces.

How is Cisco DNA Spaces different from Cisco CMX?

Cisco DNA Spaces is an end-to-end location services platform that offers a lot more capabilities than Cisco CMX. It provides simplified SKUs, role based access, robust toolkits, gold standard insights, location app store and much more.

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