Get Back to Business with Cisco DNA Spaces

Apps and tips for enterprises across verticals to help them safely reopen

Customer Facing

  • Retail Locations
  • Hospitality
  • Venues

Campus Based

  • Workspaces
  • Universities
  • Schools

Operations Led

  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
1. “How can I ensure my campus is safe to reopen?”


“How can I optimize my real estate & assets across locations in a post-COVID19 world?”


“I want to see how my business is impacted by COVID19.”

3. “How can I provide personalized experiences to people while ensuring social distancing?”

Safety & Compliance

Location analytics

Contact Less Customer Experience

Operational Efficiency
“How can I ensure my campus is safe to reopen?”

Ensuring the safety and well-being of your employees & customers

As you reopen your workplace, ensuring the safety and health of employees, customers and guests becomes your no. 1 priority. Help them transition to a new normal with our built-in apps that have the ability to keep them safe and informed. We’re also rolling out a new ‘density monitoring’ feature, specifically being designed to deliver a safe workplace experience.

Detect & Locate App

Social Distancing Compliance Monitoring

Right Now App

Real time data monitoring.
Density threshold monitoring

Proximity Reporting (Beta)

View history of a device
Report of all other devices in its proximity

Notification Triggers

Automated alerts & notifications *

* Coming soon


Actionable location analytics to make data driven business decisions

Whether you’re a hotel that wants to measure the impact of Covid-19 on their business, or a retailer that wants to identify early signs of recovery, our suite of location analytics apps enables stakeholders across all industries to perform trend analysis and understand what recovery might look like for them.

Location Analytics App

Custom reports for individual locations

Impact Analysis App

Measure Impact of events and changes at locations

Behavior Metrics App

Trend analysis and benchmarking

Right Now App

Real time location data monitoring

“I want to see how my business is impacted by COVID19.”

Delivering a contactless at-location experience

Reimagine in-person interactions in a post-Covid world through our apps. From the time they enter your location until they leave – deliver a contactless yet personalized experience at every touch point. Earn the trust of your guests, retain the loyalty of your customers and make your employees feel valued by assuring them of their safety.

Captive Portals App

Rule engine based guest onboarding
Capture visitor coordinates for emergency communication

Location Personas App

Classify and Tag visitors by behavior

Engagements App

At Location multi channel Engagements

“How can I provide personalized experiences to people while ensuring social distancing?”

“How can I optimize my real estate & assets across locations in a post-COVID19 world?”

Optimizing space utilization & operational efficiency

To tackle the challenges presented by Covid-19, it’s critical for enterprises to respond with speed and agility. From reducing inefficiencies to increasing asset utilization to real time monitoring of assets – our apps can help you do it all. Cisco DNA Spaces, in partnership with industry leading ISVs, is focused on helping you drive continuous improvement.

Asset Tracking

Locate critical equipment faster *

Impact Analysis App

Optimize space utilization

Environmental Monitoring

Monitor temperature sensitive assets *

* Use cases powered by Stanley Healthcare.

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Apps for Outcomes

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