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The Future of Work: A Conversation with Adam Grant


Lucas Hanson

Sr. Product Manager, Cisco DNA Spaces

Vivek Menon

Director - Product Management, Cisco DNA Spaces

04 Oct, Tuesday |    9AM PT / 6PM CET

Join us, as we explore the essential principles and strategies for success in hybrid work with one of the world’s top 10 management thinkers, Adam Grant. The bestselling author, Wharton professor and organizational psychologist is an expert on workplace culture, communication and creative collision. Also, discover how to harness the power of Cisco technologies with DNA Spaces to create safer, smarter and more sustainable workplaces.

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Live Webinar

In conversation about The Future of Work...

Keynote Speaker

Adam Grant

Organizational Psychologist, New York Times best-selling author, Wharton's top-rated professor for seven years in a row

Host & Speaker

Rajesh Reddy

Head of Product, Cisco Spaces

Guest Speaker

Christian Bigsby

SVP, Workplace Resources

There’s something for everyone…

  • IT Teams can learn to digitize their space and implement a hybrid work model
  • Corporate real estate, space planning, operations and facilities teams will discover how to right size their space and understand utilization 
  • Workplace experience teams can study the art of creating a positive workplace experience 
  • ANYONE who wants expert insights into the future of work and how technology can help connect people, things and spaces